Well, ok, so I might STILL be neglecting my update duties when it comes to this website. BUT, there are some awesome things I’m working on right now, that might turn out to be game changers for me. You can’t look at what’s happening in my life, though, so I’ll still update very soon. This weekend, hopefully.

To give you an idea, I’ve done a shitload of shoots recently (a few for Imaginary Tease), so here’s a little list to give you an idea. Finished products and work still to be done:

– Three (!) sets for Imaginary Tease featuring Dutch Dame. Two are up on the site already, the third one will be finished next week.
– Separate images shot for myself with Dutch Dame.
– Boudoir images with Paula Schaareman.
– Fashion images with Delilah Novembre.
– Analog series with Necia Navine.

And of course on top of that there’s still a backlog of images from past shoots over the years that I didn’t use at the time, but still might want to revisit. Yes, that’s a lot, especially when there’s a ton of other work to be done as well! Hope to share some soon!