My name is Marco Edelman and I’m a half Dutch, half Italian photographer, editor and media producer.


Photography is one of my two greatest passions (I have too many, really), alongside working in the videogames industry. Through my partner, Josefien Hoekstra, I’ve shifted my focus from doing photographic essays and reports to portrait, glamour and even fashion photography.

Simply put, I have a passion for beautiful things, and like to create beautiful things where I can.


Though I mostly do glamour work these days, my portfolio features a wide array of different styles and types of photography. From photographic essays to portraits for Suicide Girls, its all in there. I try to diversify as much as I can, though glamour and fashion photography are definitely my favorites.


Through my work for myself as a photographer, and publisher Wayne Parker Kent as an editor, cameraman and producer, I’ve built a nice portfolio of various productions. I’ve done work for Pixelcake.nl (including a collaborative Youtube-series for Prankster) and ImaginaryTease.com, as well as various smaller productions, such as a campaign video for modelling agency Maxime Models .


When adding glamour photography to my portfolio quite some years ago, I also added retouching to my skillset. Having learnt everything from my girlfriend guru Josefien Hoekstra, I quickly found my own style and workflow. Think in terms of split-frequency skin retouching, dodging and burning, cross-processing and more.